Hello, I'm Adam Gashlin, a computer programmer and aspiring game designer.

I dream of a game about learning to program, where the player gains power to manipulate the game world by mastering programming techniques. I hope to make this game some day.

For some writing along these lines, check out my blog.

Game Design and Development

I have designed and implemented a few small game prototypes:

white rays representing 2D field of view, all else is black Around Every Corner a side view of a platformer level editor, drawn in pen and pencil on graph paper A Change of Plans two top-down views of a level, the first divided by walls and the second showing the walls destroyed by cartoon explosions Master Exploder Dwim

And others

I've also participated in several game jams and competitions:

I wrote UI and save code for the PS3 title Medieval Moves: Deadmund's Quest.

Game Music

I enjoy video game soundtracks and have worked on several projects for extracting and replaying the raw music data embedded in games.

I own a small collection of original soundtracks and arranged albums.

Low-level development

I've enjoyed the game of trying to do things on the bare metal: