A Change of Plans

^ This is the game ^
A tiny puzzle platformer with a level editing mechanic, made over the course of two weeks learning Flash the hard way.
The goal is to get the little circular guy to the bullseye of each level.
Often this will require you to change the level.
While paused (toggle pause by pressing Space), you can click on spaces to add or remove blocks.
In later levels there are eyeball enemies; if they are looking at a part of the level it cannot be changed.


Source code and Development

Made with MTASC , swfmill, GIMP, Inkscape and vim.
Uses the Bitstream Vera font.
Thanks to this guide for helping me get set up.
Tested with GNU Gnash 0.8.5 and 0.8.7, and Adobe Flash Player 10. Should be compatible with Flash Player back to version 7.
Also works nicely in the Adobe Flash Lite player in the Wii's Internet Channel (with USB keyboard).
Running again in 2021 thanks to Ruffle!

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