Here are some of my favorite articles from the blog. You can also check out the complete index.

The One, The Many

As a member of a swarm that collectively hallucinates "reality", changing your mind could change the world.

Won't get fooled systematically

Figure out how to decode an obfuscated maze solution, then construct a machine to do it for you.

A Symmetriad

The laws that make the world run are represented by machines, ancient temples, landscapes, etc. that physically exist within the world.

Code-worthy gameplay

Should a programming game be about boring tasks, so the player is compelled to automate them? If so, how do we avoid making a boring game?


Learn about compression algorithms by constructing surprising inputs.

Incredibly Rocky

What would a programming version of The Incredible Machine look like?

Magical programming

In a game world made of code, a programmer is indistinguishable from a wizard.

Machine Languages

A discussion of "design puzzle" games, which usually don't provide powerful languages. This makes some kinds of debugging easy, but complexity quickly becomes overwhelming with no abstractions to help manage it.