Adam's games

I recommend Speleomorph, PrograMaze, and Add Man 2.

a triptych of blue tetrominoes with lighter grid lines, resting on grey stone platforms, background divided vertically into green and red. left panel: a rotated Z with grid square only around the top end, straddling the red line between green and red; center panel: an upside-down J extending to a higher platform; right panel: a square resting on that higher platform
Speleomorph - a nonlinear puzzle game made for Metroidvania Month 16, inspired by the Shapeshifting theme. Placed #1 (of 75) in Design and #4 in Enjoyment, #11 overall.

AAAA in white on a brown and orange checkerboard, a light blue arrow points to a black slot
Fitting Words - a letter puzzle
Also on

A+B=C, B+A=C, the letters inside circles, with more circled letters, on a grey grid
Various Rules - a puzzle where the rules vary

a grid of zeroes in pairs with an orange and a blue box, a legend says 0 0 equals left, and a seek (step) button
PrograMaze - machine code puzzle game

white trails jumping left and right, but gradually ascending, on a black background, star in the upper right
Don't Fall - build a platformer level by platforming (only three levels)

Across the top Level 0 Goal: 5. A stack of cards in the lower right, topmost says 3.
2, 3, and plus in puzzle pieces under a large piece marked Level 0 and 5
Stack Puzzle
Run, 2, plus, and 3 in rounded rectangles, Goal: 5 to the left

Three touchscreen-oriented takes on a RPN / concatenative stack machine introduction (just an interface test, only a few "puzzles" in each)

red circle and random blue arrows, faded in the background a maze on a black and white grid with a yellow star and a blue circle
Feat - a one button maze

dwim - choosing modes for reinterpreting programs (related to the Won't get fooled systematically idea)

white rays representing 2D field of view, all else is black
around every corner - navigate a maze while running from the dark

Flash games

a side view of a platformer level editor, drawn in pen and pencil on graph paper
A Change of Plans - puzzle platformer with a level editing mechanic

Potential - force fields (unfinished)

two top-down views of a level, the first divided by walls and the second showing the walls destroyed by cartoon explosions
Master Exploder

PuzzleScript games

Game Jams

Zindagi Games

I worked at Zindagi Games in 2011, where I wrote UI and save code for the PS3 title Medieval Moves: Deadmund's Quest.


Computer Games Class (2012)

Current Resistance - Educational games class project with Matt Cirigliano and Gabriella Moore (2013)

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