Computer Games Classwork (Fall 2012)

Adam's work for CSCI-GA.3033-010.

Halloween Defender - December 19
Final project, defend yourself from the Halloween-themed hordes.
Pumpkin demo - October 29
Simple interactive 3D animation
Conquer The Path - October 24
Risk-ish dice game, randomness is too cruel currently to allow much strategy.
Map of the Informatique plan - October 17
scaleGame3 - October 3
"Group implementation and presentation of a game prototype". A more puzzle-oriented version of scaleGame2, in which the player assembles bars of a song based on variously vague clues. Pair-programmed with Wen Fan.
scaleGame2 - September 26
Extension of scaleGame with "three distinct levels of difficulty". In this case, I already had three levels, I added several more of increasing complexity, and then random levels thereafter.
scaleGame - September 19
Implementation of a game that "asks the player to do something artistically creative" and "teaches some worthwhile educational subject". Our group worked out a design in which both topics are music, I then implemented the above based on the Java game platform package given.

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